Sculpt Classes in Ascension Parish

Sculpt Classes in Ascension Parish

Complete the Toning program for the year! Our total-body kickboxing fitness class is designed to work out every part of you, but our Sculpt program is where we focus on those stubborn areas we know you’re tired of.

January - Belly Blaster: Want to shred those abs in just 30 minutes? Our Belly Blaster program focuses on your anatomical core, abdominals and obliques, to strengthen your muscles and provide balancing and stability during not only your workouts but your posture and daily life.

February - Kick Butt: Who doesn’t want buns of steel and those perfectly sculpted quads? Our Kick Butt program will have your sweetheart thanking their lucky stars you’re kicking your own butt into shape - we utilize calisthenics (body weight exercise) and external resistance with squats, lunges, fire hydrants, squat walks, and many many more, to keep those legs nice and strong and burn the booty!

March - Back to Abs: We know what you’re thinking. Abs again? Yep! You’ll have the strongest core around with our sculpt program - however, we’ve also included your upper and lower back into this! Sculpt those shoulders and hold those V-Sits because we’re molding them into shape!

April - Buns n Guns: It’s EXACTLY what it sounds like! Let’s see that booty work again, but this time it’s time to fire off those cannons on your arms! We incorporate the normal bicep curls and tricep press, but we also want to make sure you develop not only the size, but the strength you’re looking for.

May - ABS AGAIN BABY! That’s right. Our total body workouts have you working your abs on a regular basis, but who doesn’t enjoy flattening the tummy after all the yummy Easter food?

June - Burn: We know how this one sounds. Burn? Yikes. Don’t sweat it! (Or…maybe do) Our “Burn” challenge is all about getting even more of a HIIT training regimen than our kickboxing classes! Less impact and less punching means more cardio, which means more calories burned!

July - Total Body Tone (Kettlebells): Never used a kettlebell? Never a better time to learn! Kettlebells provide such an amazing total body resistance training that we had to include it in the toning program. From swings to squats, we got you covered!

August - Back to Abs: Oh yeah. We’re serious. Sculpt those lats, because the first of fall, we’ll be toning and building the strength in your rear deltoids, lower lats, and traps!

September - Buns N Guns: Hop back to it! And we mean that literally, because we finish up the year with your glutes and biceps!

November - Burn: Look, you gotta earn those Thanksgiving calories. All you need is 30 minutes of the burn class at least once a week and you’ll be gobbling up turkey in no time!

December - Mobility: We finish up the year with the program we call Mobility. It’s just like it sounds: we want you to increase your flexibility and stretching. We focus on a little yoga, some dynamic stretching, and top it off with a cooling off session to make sure your muscles are properly recovering.

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