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  • Why Boxing And Wrestling For Self Defense

    Why Boxing And Wrestling For Self Defense

    I know everyone reading this right now is very confused. Boxing and wrestling for self-defense? What about kung fu or karate? What about Ip Man and Jason Borne it didn't look like they were boxing or wrestling. Well, that's the problem. Movies, the reason why you don't get why boxing and wrestling can be the most effective form of martial art for self-defense is that you are basing your knowledge off of what you have been fed through the media and movies since you were a child jumping off of the couch pretending to be the karate kid. The truth is that if you had any real experience in training mixed martial arts you could at least entertain the idea of this notion to be true. Let's let's ....

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    Defense is for suckers. There is a reason that our organization is called Fit Fo Fight not fit to defend. Defense is hard. That's just the way it is. If someone is intent on doing violence to you and they are purposeful and aggressive, it's very difficult to defend against that person. It doesn't matter how much training you have. It's just plain out hard. So in order for me to really win I have to fight. Even if your really good at defense, sooner or later you have to hit somebody and you have to hit them harder and more often than they hit you, the defense doesn't do that. If I'm gonna make somebody quit, either because they don't have the heart to continue or they don't have the ....

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  • Lose Quarantine Weight (step-by-step plan)

    Lose Quarantine Weight (step-by-step plan)

    Did you pack on some pounds during quarantine? BR Krav Maga & Kickboxing just did a case study. Turns out most people in Baton Rouge and Prairieville have gained a significant amount of weight during the lockdown. I’ve got a step-by-step plan to help you bounce back from those quarantine pounds and get you into your best body ever… Step #1: Program Your Mind Your mind is your number one ally when it comes to achieving your goals. However, until your mind has been programmed for success, it will do more to derail your efforts than to help you. Take a few moments each day to visualize yourself at your ideal weight. Imagine how it feels to look the way you’ve ....

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  • Re-opening Baton Rouge Krav Maga Post COVID-19

    Re-opening Baton Rouge Krav Maga Post COVID-19

    Baton Rouge Krav Maga and Kickboxing gyms are now re-opening and resuming our scheduled classes. Our gym will be maintaining awareness and taking all precautions necessary to fulfill health guidelines while delivering the same hardcore workout our gym has been known for before COVID-19. Baton Rouge Krav Maga and Kickboxing is one of the first gyms in Baton Rouge to practice following policies required to ensure our members health and safety by going beyond what the fire marshal has stated. Baton Rouge Krav Maga and Kickboxing is now offering hybrid kickboxing classes outdoors in addition to our regular indoor classes at our Prairieville and Airline locations. All classes will be offered ....

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  • How Kickboxing Can Prevent COVID-19

    How Kickboxing Can Prevent COVID-19

    As COVID-19 becomes more controlled and our society begins to return to the new norm it is a newly developed instinct to find ways to fight such viruses or even small sicknesses that can harm our immune system. As work schedules become more hectic it is of the utmost importance, we learn what is required of us to protect ourselves in an easily obtainable way. How do you know if you have a strong immune system? If you notice your body struggling not only to fight viruses but also having common cold symptoms then maybe there are a few methods, you can practice improving the growth of your immune system other than simply washing your hands and taking daily vitamins. Although those are ways to ....

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  • How to Keep Your Life on Track While Social Distancing

    How to Keep Your Life on Track While Social Distancing

    Nearly everyone is experiencing a disruption in his or her day-to-day lives while undergoing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whether your challenges are adjusting to having your kids out of school, working from home, keeping up with your self-care, or trying to find a balance with all of the above, establishing a routine is the best way to achieve a sense of normalcy. If you have children at home create their schedule first, making sure to include time for their schoolwork, physical activity, meals, chores, and free time. Once you have their schedule down it will be easier to create your own. While creating your schedule for taking care of the kids, completing work ....

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  • Are You Overtraining? (Here's how you can tell)

    Are You Overtraining? (Here's how you can tell)

    How do you know if you're doing too much? Overtraining is a real phenomenon. It is possible to train so much that you break your body down instead of build it up. But most people never come close to “real” overtraining, which is pinpointed by physical breakdowns that are hard to ignore. This isn’t muscle soreness or having some bad days in the gym.
    Here are 7 common symptoms of overtraining, they include:

    Increase in resting heart rate and blood pressure
    Insomnia-like symptoms and trouble sleeping
    Stomach disturbances
    Consistent low energy and bad mood
    Changes in personality and mood
    Decreased self-esteem and motivation
    Feelings of sadness and apathy ....

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  • Proof Kickboxing Can Help You Lose Weight

    Proof Kickboxing Can Help You Lose Weight

    When you look at professional fighters, you see some of the fittest athletes in the world. Whatever they are doing is working when it comes to keeping themselves in top physical condition, so if we do a similar workout as them it's safe to say that you could improve your current state of fitness a great deal but is this ok for the average man or woman that is wanting to lose weight? First, let's acknowledge the importance of diet because without this you can punch and kick all you want, but without a good diet to follow weight loss will not be within anyone's grasp, but kickboxing can be a workout of choice when assisting with weight loss because of the high-calorie burn that you can get ....

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  • Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

    Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

    Punch and Kick the pounds away with our high-intensity total body cardio kickboxing classes
    Team BRKM's kickboxing classes incorporate punches and kicks to create a dynamic workout. Every time you come to workout you are going to experience something new from our expert trainers. These classes draw heavily from both western boxing, American kickboxing, and Muay Thai kickboxing to create a fun workout. Cardio kickboxing is going to work your whole body, even muscles you never knew you had. BR Krav Maga creates a fun, energetic environment that provides a challenging experience for all fitness levels every time. When you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, ....

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  • 2 Tips To Avoid Violence

    2 Tips To Avoid Violence

    1. Check Your Ego:
    A lot of times avoiding violence can be as simple as walking away. 2. Trust Your Instincts:
    Don't ignore that voice in your head. Listen to it, it's there for a reason. Check out this video for more on this subject by Self Defense Expert Ryan Hoover. ....

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