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  • Are You Overtraining? (Here's how you can tell)

    Are You Overtraining? (Here's how you can tell)

    How do you know if you're doing too much? Overtraining is a real phenomenon. It is possible to train so much that you break your body down instead of build it up. But most people never come close to “real” overtraining, which is pinpointed by physical breakdowns that are hard to ignore. This isn’t muscle soreness or having some bad days in the gym.
    Here are 7 common symptoms of overtraining, they include:

    Increase in resting heart rate and blood pressure
    Insomnia-like symptoms and trouble sleeping
    Stomach disturbances
    Consistent low energy and bad mood
    Changes in personality and mood
    Decreased self-esteem and motivation
    Feelings of sadness and apathy ....

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  • Proof Kickboxing Can Help You Lose Weight

    Proof Kickboxing Can Help You Lose Weight

    When you look at professional fighters, you see some of the fittest athletes in the world. Whatever they are doing is working when it comes to keeping themselves in top physical condition, so if we do a similar workout as them it's safe to say that you could improve your current state of fitness a great deal but is this ok for the average man or woman that is wanting to lose weight? First, let's acknowledge the importance of diet because without this you can punch and kick all you want, but without a good diet to follow weight loss will not be within anyone's grasp, but kickboxing can be a workout of choice when assisting with weight loss because of the high-calorie burn that you can get ....

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  • Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

    Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

    Punch and Kick the pounds away with our high-intensity total body cardio kickboxing classes
    Team BRKM's kickboxing classes incorporate punches and kicks to create a dynamic workout. Every time you come to workout you are going to experience something new from our expert trainers. These classes draw heavily from both western boxing, American kickboxing, and Muay Thai kickboxing to create a fun workout. Cardio kickboxing is going to work your whole body, even muscles you never knew you had. BR Krav Maga creates a fun, energetic environment that provides a challenging experience for all fitness levels every time. When you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, ....

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  • 2 Tips To Avoid Violence

    2 Tips To Avoid Violence

    1. Check Your Ego:
    A lot of times avoiding violence can be as simple as walking away. 2. Trust Your Instincts:
    Don't ignore that voice in your head. Listen to it, it's there for a reason. Check out this video for more on this subject by Self Defense Expert Ryan Hoover. ....

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  • All About Cardio Kickboxing

    All About Cardio Kickboxing

    Cardio kickboxing is usually in a group setting and combines different martial arts with high intensity exercises. The workout can be challenging for both beginners and athletic people alike. Some of the benefits that you will see right away are improved endurance, coordination, and mobility, plus you will burn a ton of calories while having fun! Want to hear more?
    Kickboxing instructors usually give you a specific combination of punches and kicks while playing loud fast-pace music. Below are what some of the combinations might be in a typical cardio kickboxing class. Jab-Cross-Hook Jab-Jab-Round Kick Cardio kickboxing classes can range anywhere from 30 ....

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  • Why Try Kickboxing?

    Why Try Kickboxing?

    Kickboxing is a great workout for anyone and everyone, it doesn't matter what age, gender or fitness level. Kickboxing is going to work every muscle in the body which in turn will help melt fat away while toning. One of the major benefits outside of fitness is the stress that can be relieved from a kickboxing workout. Below is a list of some amazing benefits from kickboxing. - A good workout for anyone. Everyone loves kickboxing, young people, old people, fit people, out of shape people; it doesn't matter. If you walk on two feet and breathe air you can benefit from this workout. - Easy to modify. There's lots of flexibility with kickboxing, and it's easy to modify the movements ....

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  • Does It Matter Who You Train With?

    Does It Matter Who You Train With?

    Does it matter who you train with? At the end of the day when it comes down to surviving a violent encounter it doesn't, says chief Fit To Fight instructor Ryan Hoover. Nobody is going to show up and fight for you when you are getting a gun pointed at your head. That person doesn't care who you have trained with, what belt you hold or what certificate you have hanging on the wall. Your instructor is not going to be able to show up and fight your battles for you. It doesn't mean that the time was wasted and that there is no value in learning from the best but at the end of the day it's up to you. There are plenty of martial artists out there that train with high-level practitioners all the ....

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  • 30 Minutes Of Kickboxing Is Enough

    30 Minutes Of Kickboxing Is Enough

    Kickboxing Fitness has so many benefits. Not only does it benefit your mind but it benefits your body as well. And guess what! You don't have to spend hours at the gym! All you have to do is show up and be ready to work hard for 30 minutes and you can get real results spending only 1 hour and 30 minutes a week at the gym. Yep, your math is correct, all you have to do is workout 3x's a week, At BR Krav Maga & Kickboxing, we get the best results from clients that only come 3x's a week, but they work hard when they are here. So that classic time excuse is out the window. You should make sure that you are getting a total body workout every time you go to the gym if you think that this ....

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  • Dealing with Knife Violence

    Dealing with Knife Violence

    Anyone that has spent much time with me knows that I find knife attacks and threats the most frightening to deal with, and that we spend a lot of time looking to avoid them at all costs. However, if avoidance is not an option, there are a few things we believe everyone should know, about the weapon, the user, and the response. The Weapon Edged-weapons rarely fail. Blades do not run out of ammunition. Blades do not have a “line of fire”, as most of what is exposed is dangerous, and blades, once presented, are always live. Edged-weapons, unlike firearms, are often weapons of convenience, gleaned from the environment during a violent encounter, and are therefore more ....

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  • Best Kickboxing In Baton Rouge

    Best Kickboxing In Baton Rouge

    BR Krav Maga & Kickboxing is the best place to train if you are serious about adding kickboxing to your workout routine. BRKM has been in Baton Rouge for almost 7 years now, and during that time they have continued to improve on their kickboxing workouts. (check out the reviews page on the website The workouts are beginner friendly but still challenging to someone who has a high level of fitness. They are able to accomplish this by using techniques taken from HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training). Here is an example: Let's say we have two different types of people in a class: Person #1: Overweight, over 40 years of age and has not worked ....

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