Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workout for beginners?

We love taking clients who have never worked out, or haven’t exercised in a long time, and getting them in the best shape of their life. Our trainers will customize your workout to your fitness level. Some new club members start with lower intensity and work their way up! If you’re already advanced, guess what? Our trainers know how to challenge you as well!

How much weight can I lose with the weight loss program?

You can most certainly lose weight and/or body fat (or gain weight!) with our program. How much weight you will lose depends on many different factors, including: how new you are to exercise, gender, height, weight, age, genetics, frequency of workouts, and diet. We will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful. Our nutrition guide will help you make the best decisions on diet. Our trainers will help push you to be your best, and you will have so much fun you might forget you are working out! Most importantly, you will most definitely be stronger; physically, mentally and emotionally from this program when you attend three times a week!

Should I ever work out for more than 30 minutes in kickboxing?

With certain memberships you get unlimited workouts; however, our workouts are tailored for a very intense 30-minute workout and are scientifically designed to be effective in sessions of just 30 minutes. It’s all about getting in and out and on with your life!

I've never done self defense before, do I need to have some background?

Absolutely not! All of our self defense classes are completely beginner friendly. We enjoy taking people who have absolutely no skill or history in martial arts and turning you into a lean, mean, machine, capable of defending yourself, friends, and/or loved ones.

How many times a week should I work out at BRKM?

Three times a week is perfect! This is a schedule that you can sustain for life, hopefully! If you wish to come more times per week, you certainly may, but because of the science behind our workout programming, three times a week is what works for most people whether it is to lose weight, relieve stress, or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What are the class times?

There are no official class times for kickboxing because it's a circuit format. Members may come in anytime during the hours of operation at the location. This makes it super convenient for anyone with a busy lifestyle! Your 30 minute session starts whenever you walk in our door! (For Krav Maga hours, please see the schedule at the desired location)

Can I use multiple locations?

You sure can! We absolutely encourage it! Get to know the people at the other location, as well as the other instructors and advisers, and we'll all be one big team working together!

How old do you have to be to workout at BRKM?

We require children be 13 years old to participate in the kickboxing program, and 15 for the self defense class due to physical development and attention span. This is a great program that parents and teenagers can do together. Families that train together, stick together.

What membership terms and prices do you offer?

There are several options of membership for you to choose from to best suit your needs. Our locations offer month-to-month memberships, term memberships at a lower rate, and even discounts for paying larger time periods up front. Check with your local club for exact rates, depending on the preference of program!

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