Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

Cardio Kickboxing Classes At BR Krav Maga

Punch and Kick the pounds away with our high-intensity total body cardio kickboxing classes


Team BRKM's kickboxing classes incorporate punches and kicks to create a dynamic workout. Every time you come to workout you are going to experience something new from our expert trainers. These classes draw heavily from both western boxing, American kickboxing, and Muay Thai kickboxing to create a fun workout.


Cardio kickboxing is going to work your whole body, even muscles you never knew you had. BR Krav Maga creates a fun, energetic environment that provides a challenging experience for all fitness levels every time. When you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, try some cardio kickboxing classes. The classes at BR Krav Maga & Kickboxing are always beginner-friendly, anyone can do this including you!


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What to expect during your BR Krav Maga Kickboxing Workout


You're going to work up a good sweat for sure! The good news is that the class is just 30 minutes.


Your first round will be your warm-up round. You're just going to move around the bag lightly punching and kickboxing the bag, and don't worry there is always a trainer available to give you a punch kick combination. During this round, you are also going to do some calisthenics, which is also going to help get the whole body warm.


The workout consists of ten 3 minute rounds and is broken down like this :


8 Rounds of Kickboxing Combos

2 Equipment rounds

Each 3-minute kickboxing round will be broken down like this:

  • 1 minute and 30 seconds:

This is where you will be working a punch/kick combo given to you by the instructor.

For example: Jab, cross, round kick

  • 30 second calisthenic 

Every 2 rounds we will add a new calisthenic to hit a different body part to make sure that you get a complete balanced total body workout.

For example: squats, push-ups, sit-ups

  • 30-second burnout

This is a fast pasted 30 second burnout that usually consists of nonstop fast punches or kicks.

  • 30-second break

You will do every round twice. The only thing that will change is your stance. We will change your fighting stance every round. So you will work in both an orthodox and an unorthodox stance throughout the workout. We do this for two reasons:

1: Learn and Improve: you get to do everything twice, so if you were just getting to understand the basic movements from the first round you will be able to do better the second round.

2: Balanced Workout: We make sure that we do not develop any imbalances in your body by having you switch stances. If you never switch stances you may notice that one leg may get stronger and more flexible than the other.


The 2 equipment rounds:


We do two rounds that incorporate some type of functional fitness equipment such as slam balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands. 

The round is broken down with the same concept as the kickboxing rounds except the exercises involve the equipment for the day. 


What are some of the benefits of cardio kickboxing classes?


Kickboxing workouts are great at building strength and endurance while having fun. These are a few things that you will love about kickboxing classes:

  • Great Cardio
  • Improves strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and aerobic fitness
  • Burns lots of calories while providing resistance training when working on the heavy bag
  • Great for toning and weight loss
  • Great for relieving stress
  • Fun and always effective

We love beginners at Baton Rouge Krav Maga and Kickboxing!


Everyone is always nervous when trying kickboxing at first, but the thing is Baton Rouge Krav Maga's cardio kickboxing classes are designed for you to be able to go at your own pace so it doesn't matter what level of fitness your at you are going to get a phenomenal workout, plus are certified personal trainers are going to offer up modifications for all the exercises. So it doesn't matter if you have a bad back or bad knees, your trainer is going to make sure that you are able to complete the workout by giving you alternatives. On top of that, guest can request a one on one basic overview session before the workout, this way you get a basics understanding of the format and kicks and punches before even stepping in the training room, but it's really not necessary, the majority of people take the classes with no prior experience all the time. The trainers are amazing and love helping beginners!


Are you ready to try the workout you have always been looking for? Call us at 225-329-9820 and come try one of our cardio kickboxing classes for free at any one of our locations serving Baton Rouge.

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