Why Try Kickboxing?

Why Try Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a great workout for anyone and everyone, it doesn't matter what age, gender or fitness level. Kickboxing is going to work every muscle in the body which in turn will help melt fat away while toning. One of the major benefits outside of fitness is the stress that can be relieved from a kickboxing workout. Below is a list of some amazing benefits from kickboxing.

- A good workout for anyone. Everyone loves kickboxing, young people, old people, fit people, out of shape people; it doesn't matter. If you walk on two feet and breathe air you can benefit from this workout.

- Easy to modify. There's lots of flexibility with kickboxing, and it's easy to modify the movements if you have old injuries or if you are just beginning. The trainer will build you up over time and before you know it you will be blasting through the workouts with no problem.

- Burns lots of calories and great for weight loss. You can burn up to 500 calories during a 30 minute workout. This type of calorie burn is going to be great for burning body fat and losing weight fast.

- Tones and strengthens the entire body. A good kickboxing routine is going to give you a total body workout every time. This is going to result in strengthening and toning both the upper and lower body while building a strong core.

- Stress relief. After kickboxing you are going to feel great! It's gonna give you a chance to let out any frustration that came from work that day. You can punch and kick that heavy bag as hard as you can which is going to help you release any negativity that you been experiencing in your life.

- Improve mobility, balance and coordination. You are going to be moving in ways that you never moved before which is going to increase your mobility and coordination. Every time you kick you will be on 1 foot which is going to help improve your balance. You are going to start feeling like an athlete.

- Improves energy. The intense workouts are going to give you more energy during the day. This is where hard work really pays dividends. You may even start working out longer. You will notice that your endurance during the workouts has increased as well!

- Feel good about yourself. Kickboxing is going to help you build confidence, because not only will you have improved strength, endurance, etc., but you are going to get the body that you always dreamed of.

- Exciting. Kickboxing is always exciting. It's not like going to the average gym and jumping on the treadmill. A good kickboxing studio will have loud energetic music and like-minded individuals around you that are going to motivate you to work hard every time you come.

It's easy to see how kickboxing became such a popular workout routine with all the amazing benefits listed above. Visit one of BR Krav Maga & Kickboxing's locations and try out a workout in Baton Rouge. It's impossible to regret!

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