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BRKM (both Perkins and Airline locations) is a phenomenal place to get in shape, lose weight, maintain, or even train to gain muscle. It is so well-rounded. They balance everything for you! They give you meal plans, personally encourage you via text, phone, social media, etc., personally train you in a small class environment, and most of all- are ALWAYS POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE! I did the six week challenge as a washed-up athlete who could never recover after having my son. For the first time since I got pregnant (4 and a half years ago), I am back to my "normal weight." I lost 20 pounds and 7% body fat during those 6 weeks. I am full of energy again and motivated to always stay healthy now. BRKM's workout plans check out and work well for every type of person, whether working or juggling children, because they are only 30 minute classes! Can't make it to a class?- they will give you a workout to do at home according to the level of intensity you can tolerate. Having issues with losing the weight?- they will personally tweek your meal plan for you until they find something that works for your body. They have multiple times you can go a day as well, so it works for almost anyone's schedule! If you have 30 minutes a day and the motivation to be healthier, BRKM is where you should go to get the quickest and healthiest results in town!

Alisha F.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

I am in the best shape of my 28 year old life right now, thanks to BRKM! I have never felt so supported through a program as I have with them. I did the 6 week kickboxing bootcamp and felt like my mind and body were both challenged. They told us to not be afraid of the bag, and I felt like a warrior by the end of the 6 weeks. Kyle, Nick, Audra (sp?), Stephanie, hell... the whole team were great coaches! Kyle hooked me up on the facebook group and was available for one-on-one help. He even went as far as to screen all of my meals via text pics to make sure I was on track with the meal plan. That is devotion! I couldn't have met my goal without them, 6% body fat GONE. I am overjoyed and looking forward to using more of those diet tips as I continue my healthful and fit lifestyle.

Carmen G.

I was looking for a program to help me get back in shape and to teach me to have a healthier lifestyle. I stumbled across BR Krav Maga and did the 6 week challenge, it was the most challenging 6 weeks but it was worth it. I was an competitive swimmer my whole life and when I got to LSU I did not have the time to swim and I lost some of the muscle that I had gained from swimming. During the 6 week challenge, I was able to get all my muscle back and get back to the shape I was in when I was a competitive athlete. The team over at BR Krav Maga truly want the best for you and to see you succeed. Special thanks to Stephanie and Kyle for their time and patience with me. I was able to beat my goal and now I have a healthier lifestyle!

Jessica K.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Bulked 18lbs in just 6 weeks!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Top notch gym with some of the best instructors! From the start all staff was very polite and eager to answer any and all questions. I participated in the 6 week challenge and feel great because of it. The gym offers quick 30 minute kick boxing classes and a few longer classes for Krav Maga. I stayed with the kick boxong classes because it fit in well with my busy schedule. Having never done any type of kick boxing before didnt affect the workouts in the least. Each workout is broken down into very easy to understand steps. Truly a great gym!

Chase P.

First, I lost 50 pounds JUST doing this! I’m a mom of two and I really felt like I had to do something to 1) get in shape but 2) also be able to take care of my children. So I came to Krav Maga, and not only am I the healthiest I’ve ever been but I’ve also been in a situation recently where Krav Maga had really helped me and I wouldn’t have been comfortable confronting the situation if it weren’t for my training with BR Krav Maga. Thank you guys for everything you do!!

Paige J

Just successfully completed the six week challenge! The people at Krav really made the process a whole lot easier with the meal plan and the flexibility of the hours to workout with an instructor. If you're looking to lose weight and are willing to do everything they tell to do, this is great place to do it at.

Keithan E.

This place gave me the motivation and confidence I was looking for! I not only learned how to lose my weight, but I learned how to keep it off and gained a brand new family. Six weeks wasn't enough for me, I love it here too much! If you're looking for a place that actually works, look no further! I'm 5.7% body fat down and keeping going!

Kayla A.

I have been a member since Jan 2018, initially started with the interest in the 6 week transformation program. Well, its July and lets just says My body has transformed drastically!! 80+ pounds to be exact and still training to look even better and stay fit!!!! Big shout out and cheer to the team at BRKM/Airline for unapologetic support, friendship, motivation, push, push, and push, they definitely hold you ACCOUNTABLE, but people you have to want it bad enough to see a difference in yourself. The team is only a fraction of the effort needed to see results. I’m glad I’m a member, family of Krav and thrilled to know these wonderful folks/trainers #5Stars #Phenomenal #TeamAmazing #ThisReveiwIsARealPerson #PšŸ˜Š thanks guys

Porsche W.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

I just completed the 6 week challenge and I lost 6.5% body fat! I loved everything about BRKM. Everyone on staff was attentive and genuinely interested in my growth and well-being. The meal plan is laid out well and easy to follow. Every time I went in for a workout it was something new and kept me on my toes. I highly recommend BRKM if you are looking for something that is high energy and going to keep you motivated!

Skyy H.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

if you have reached the point in your life to finally make a change( losing weight, learning self defense, boosting your confidence, eating right and healthy) BRKM is the perfect place for just that! the people are great and give off amazing energies and vibes!! and once you put 30 min into working out and/or an hour of Krav Maga, your body is thanking you for the endorphines!!!!! and the results are real!!!

Andreina M.

If you are looking for a place that gets you to your goals look no further. The staff not only know about fitness and food, they live it. They care about each one of their members like family. At 43, they got me back to my size that I was at 18. I am the best version of myself because of them. The trainers care deeply about each member and know how to lift you up and pull you to your full potential. The members all support each other. We are all family here. I am deeply honored to be part of it all.

Kala R.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

I just completed the 6 week challenge and lost over 6% body fat!!! I you are looking for a hands on facility to help you with your weight loss goals this is the place for it. The staff is amazing and a great facility ! Cassie is amazing she was always texting to see if I needed anything and if it were ways they could improve my experience at BR Krav Maga! What are you waiting for sign up now !!

LaKeisha P.

2.4% Body Fat loss; 3 lb loss; 3" loss in lower waist! Thank you BR Krav Maga!

Ashley P

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Today was my FIRST day joining the 6 week challenge and I LOVE the atmosphere! These guys are super nice, professional, motivating and will work you into a deep sweat in 30, yes THIRTY, minutes. I was sweating bullets my minute 7 and feel awesome and amped up! If you're interested in learning more, I suggest you check it out. VERY positive environment that's judgment free! :0)

Blair R.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Thank you BRKM! After 2 weeks of healthier eating & 6 workouts , I started seeing major impovements! I had doubts after having one week with no weight lost, but I continued to push forward! The challenge was not only successful for me but my wife & children were able to loss weight and learn to make healthier choices. Now the challenge is complete! I’m down 27lbs! I’m looking forward to implementing the things I’ve learned for a lifetime! Thanks BRKM for helping me become a better me! #rbrady

Ron B.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

When i joined the 6 week challenge at BR Krav Maga @ Airline location, I thought it would be difficult to achieve the target but people and staff over this location motivated in all ways to make it successful with a proper meal plan and workouts. I lost 6.3% body fat in 6 weeks. I'm very happy that i registered at this location for 6 week challenge. They taught me how strong i was towards a healthy lifestyle and loose weight. I strongly recommend BR Krav Maga to anyone who wants to loose their weight and start a new healthy life.

Kiran R.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Just successfully completed the six week challenge last weekend. Goal was to lose 6% body fat. Ended up losing 11.5%. Also lost over 20 pounds in the process. The BR Krav Maga staff was very helpful and supportive throughout the six week challenge. They kept me accountable for attending the sessions and sticking with the nutrition plan. The workouts were challenging but fun. I recommend Krav Maga to anyone serious about getting in shape and being the best they can be.

John S.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Krav is my home away from home. The kickboxing classes are fun, effective and quick! I have no excuse to stop by & spend 30 minutes kicking some butt & burning some calories! The staff is top notch & will always root you on & help in any way they can! I’ve been a member for a year & a half already & look forward to many years to come!

Erica H.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Just completed the 6 week challenge with BR Krav Maga and I'm down 26 lbs. This place is awesome! The staff is amazing! The workouts are fun and never boring. Your accountability coach will provide you with a complete meal/ nutritional plan which is very important to anyone attempting to reach a weight loss goal. Trust me, you won't regret signing up here. Thanks BR Krav Maga!

Lester M.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 6% body fat in just 6 weeks!

Maria Smith

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

25lbs down in 6 weeks!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Craig participated in the 6-week challenge and dropped 29lbs!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

6.6% body fat and 7lbs lost!

Kandra C.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

7% body fat down in just 6 weeks!

Amy Mitchel-Smith

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 7% body fat JUST 3 WEEKS in to the 6-week challenge!

Crystal P.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down OVER 27lbs in just 6 weeks!

Winter C.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 3.2% and 28lbs in 6 weeks!

Laurie O.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 29lbs!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 26lbs in just 6 weeks!

Ian L.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

A true member transformation!

Greg B.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

39lbs down taking the 6-week challenge!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 6% body fat in 6 weeks!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Natalie B.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

A member-turned-employee transformation!

Rhonda N.

Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

6.3% body fat loss!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 37.6lbs in ONLY 6 WEEKS!


Fitness Kickboxing Baton Rouge

Down 25lbs!


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